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Our Satisfied Users

Bytefence saved me several times after my kids downloaded some nasty programs. Luckily it blocked and removed them all.

Sandra,United Kingdom

May 20 2017

Great software! I used several Anti Malware programs and so far this one takes them all!

Andy,United States of America

May 08 2017

I've been looking for an affordable and easy to use security program for my children's computers and so far ByteFence has been doing a great job meeting all the expectations.


February 05 2017

After getting hurt by several sneaky programs, I understood I'm gonna need a protection and fast! So I purchased Bytefence Pro Lifetime plan. It's much cheaper, and definetly one of my best decisions!

Joe,United States of America

April 27 2017

Security software is one of the most important programs on your PC. I've always been concerned about safety of my data and my PC performance. ByteFence takes care of everything for me.


March 17 2017

The product is very nice and intuitive, must admit I feel safer since I installed it :)

Derek,United Kingdom

April 15 2017

After trying ByteFence at my previous work I have installed it on all my home computers and have been recommending this amazing program to all of my friends. It works fast, gets the job done and looks nice :)


January 18 2017

I'm taking care of all my family's computers, including my grandparents and have tried numerous programs that will work for all of us. ByteFence did it. Lightweight, user friendly and inexpensive


March 16 2017

Reliable, affordable, efficient. I think that's all I need to know about my Anti-Malware and ByteFence is all these words.

Mohamed,Saudi Arabia

February 28 2017

You schedule a scan and wake up to work on a clean, ad-free fast machine. What a dream for a freelancer. Highly recommended!

Luiz Miguel,Brazil

April 03 2017

I'm using byteFence for a couple months now, along with another anti virus and it always manages to find the nasty files my traditional AV misses


March 23 2017

The annoying ads went away and that was all I needed from my security software. Thank you ByteFence!


March 21 2017

Simply love it! It looks cool and works great! Worth every penny.


January 30 2017

My PC got too slow lately and I was told by my friends to just get a new one. Luckily, I came across ByteFence and it worked! My PC became faster and I saved tons of money.


February 15 2017

I've usually had to take my computer to the store to get cleaned once a month at least. Now ByteFence does everything for even less money.


May 12 2017

Great value for the price! I'm not a computer pro so ByteFence is perfect for me - easy to use, intuitive and efficient.


April 30 2017

My oldest son started using my PC to download movies and other content, which caused a lot of trouble. ByteFence saved us from overwhelming ads and malware!


April 29 2017

ByteFence was recommended by our IT specialist at work and everyone in our office is using it now. Great software!


May 05 2017

I always thought that security software has to be free. I take my words back. I'm happy that ByteFence became the first program I purchased, For a small monthly fee, it keeps my computer clean and fast.


April 17 2017