We strongly believe that users should enjoy a malware-free computing experience. While the Internet is full of an endless amount of threats, we have built our company and our products to help keep you safe from them. We know, that in the world of malware, there is a zero margin of error.

Byte Technologies consists of an experienced team of talented programmers and malware researchers with a mission to build innovative anti-malware products. ByteFence Anti-Malware is our premium solution for keeping you and your privacy safe from the malware threats you face each day.

We're helping the world fight malware, one threat at a time

For a very long time, Byte Technologies has been a pioneer in the field of malware detection and removal. Today, we protect millions of users with technology that predicts emerging malware and allows us to create defenses before they do any damage.

We're committed to providing outstanding support

We design our software to be simple to install, configure and run. But on the rare occasions when help is needed, our highly skilled technical team provides a quick response. We also offer a wealth of online resources and free-of-charge support for products during evaluation.

We're a global company that understands local needs

Byte Technologies is an international success story. We have offices around the world and are headquarters in the US. We also have partners and customers the world over, so we can provide localized customer service, see the big issues, spot emerging threats 24x7 and provide solutions ahead of the market immediately.

Global headquarters
1521 Concord Pike, Wilmington, Delaware 19803, USA