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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I activate ByteFence Anti-Malware?
Before starting these steps, make sure you have ByteFenence Anti-Malware open and a copy of the license key that we sent you via e-mail when you purchased. First, click ACTIVATE located at the top right of the application. If you can't find ACTIVATE, you have already registered the product. Copy your license key into the box and click the Activate button. ByteFence will now enable all pro features. Note, your license key is comprised of numbers only.

How many computers may I install ByteFence Anti-Malware on?
If you are a home user you can install the free version of ByteFence on as many computers are you would like. If you have purchased the Pro version of ByteFence Anti-Malware, you can install it on up to 3 computers within your home using the same license. If you are a business and wish to install ByteFence on multiple computers, please contact our sales team for licensing information.

Como ativar o ByteFence Anti-Malware em mais de um computador?
Para ativar o ByteFence Anti-Malware Pro em mais de um computador, tem de baixar e instalar o software nesses computadores a última versão do ByteFence Anti-Malware. A última versão do ByteFence Anti-Malware pode ser baixada a qualquer altura usando o link de Download no topo desta página. Assim que instalar o ByteFence Anti-Malware, tem de ativar sua licença para ativar as funcionalidades Pro.

How can I legally use ByteFence Anti-Malware in my Business?
Yes, you can use both the free and Pro versions of ByteFence is your business, corporation, government or education or non-profit organization. The free version does not require any additional license of purchase requirements. To use the Pro version a license is required. Unlike home users however, you can only run the Pro version of ByteFence on a single computer within one of these organizations.

How do I install ByteFence Anti-Malware?
To install, first you will need to download the software on your computer. To do so, click the Download link at the top of this page. Make sure to pick a location where you can find the setup file after it downloads. Run the file once the download completes. The installer will take you through a few options that you may want to configure. If you don't understand a particular screen, we recommend just clicking Next to use the default settings. At the end of the install, just click Finish and ByteFence Anti-Malware will automatically start.

Will ByteFence Anti-Malware work with my existing Antivirus software?
Yes! ByteFence is designed to run side-by-side with all antivirus programs, in fact, it's recommended.


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